Immigration Chaos - Solutions to an American Crisis

Immigration Chaos: Solutions to an American Crisis

By Neville W. Cramer | Published in 2007.

Neville Cramer’s "Immigration Chaos" divulges the real causes of America’s seemingly uncontrollable immigration problems. The descriptions of the political shenanigans and bureaucratic ineptitude inside INS, and now the Department of Homeland Security, are mind-boggling. With its straightforward reasoning and sensible solutions, this book leaves the reader wondering why the suggested programs are not being legislated by Congress. Cramer candidly concludes that the underlying reason is simple…it’s because they will work!

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"Immigration Chaos is must reading for anyone who understands the importance of fixing America’s broken 'border'. Neville Cramer does not just complain about it…with his expertise and background as a foundation, he has developed workable solutions that every politician in Washington should heed."

Paul Malloy, Talk Show Host, WTAN Radio, Tampa, Florida

"…very interesting suggestions on fixing the immigration problem in the United States."

Kitty Pilgrim, Lou Dobb’s “Tonight”

"A book for everyone, beginning with Members of Congress and the Administration beginning with POTUS. The problems with our immigration system are outlined and described in detail with solutions suggested that are thought provoking to say the least."

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"Mr. Cramer has made a significant analysis of the broken immigration system. As a 30 year law enforcement officer I suggest that Neville W. Cramer be appointed as Secretary of Homeland Security. Cramer's solutions to the immigration chaos are exceptionally well reasoned and could save taxpayers billions of dollars. His documented waste of millions and millions of taxpayer dollars clearly demonstrates his experience and skills in the realm of immigration reform is palpable. I strongly recommend that every elected official in the United States read and study Cramer's book - and apply the text as a bible for future action."

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